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June 20th, 2020

@DataChaz @verge If by “app” you mean “extension”, then the answer is yes. The specification is the œuvre of these editors:…. Hope you find it useful!

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@Justinwillis96 For inspiration: We just landed… in @excalidraw. The core new feature is “save as” apart from regular “save”, and dialog-less hotkey saving. We could even add auto-save. Still need to make the file handle par

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@Errioxa @berengueremilio “`js
const selectedText = getSelection().toString();
const newUrl = new URL(location);
newUrl.hash = `:~:text=${encodeURIComponent(selectedText)}`;

⬆️ This code simply takes the currently selected text for the URL, w/o…

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@Errioxa @berengueremilio ¡Hola! We took a little longer to implement the present extension because we didn’t go with the naive approach (which, to be fair, works perfectly fine in a lot of cases), but always get a unique link. More context:…

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