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June 27th, 2020

@jho_crypto Yepp, happy this tip helped. 😃 If you want to (or can) share what you’re working on, I’d be curious to have a look.

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@firt Yes, I was more focusing on what this entitlement entitles you to do. Service workers, caching,… maybe even something else?

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Improving HTTP with structured header fields, by @mnot:

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@nekrtemplar @firt FWIW, I looked into Facebook’s Android WebView, which is marked as debuggable now: It seemed clean when I tested, at least when it comes to injected JavaScript.

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@firt Great digging, thanks. Only catching up now. Weird that the blog post wouldn’t mention service workers. Also still no details on thcom.appleOs.developer.web-browser entitlement. Altogether sounds like a promising step in the right di

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@_alastair @firt @othermaciej The big question mark are still the entitlement details: nothing much to be found right now apart from the @WebKit blog post and @firt’s thread: The entitlements documentation still doesn’t mentio

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RT @johnwilander: App-bound domains — a new way to restrict potentially privacy-invasive WebView APIs to web content from a specific set of…

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@jho_crypto The API was renamed: You can’t really get frame-accuracy, but check the presentationTime in the metadata:

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