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June 19th, 2020

@pes10k You @brave folks should probably hide or remove the brave://flags/#enable-text-fragment-anchor flag 🚩. Some folks tried toggling it, but it seems to be a no-op. Context:

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@CharlieCroom Here’s the Issue:

(Recall that links don’t work with text fragments due to

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@CharlieCroom Yeah, URL parsing is incredibly hard. Thanks for the pointer to the repo, I’ll just open an Issue there then. Helpful as always, thanks again, Charlie! 💍

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@CharlieCroom Looks like Twitter’s URL parser needs updating now that Text Fragments URLs are a thing.
The text fragment I meant to share was: `:~:text=Use%20this%20method%20with%20Clients.claim()%20to,client%20and%20all%20other%20active%20clients.`

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@ZehEcks @jeffposnick @passle_ @HenrikJoreteg Ah, this is strictly meant to show the states. Gotcha.

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@passle_ @ZehEcks @HenrikJoreteg @slightlylate @jeffposnick (The link doesn’t seem to work.)

Not sure if you also want to add the `Clients.claim()` step, since it’s are usually meant to be used together with `skipWaiting()`: https

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@tomcritchlow There were some refinements for Text Fragments in Chrome 84, the version I’m testing on and where your links work reliably every time. Maybe you’re on an earlier version?

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@KiwiAlec If you find something, please post it on the bug. 😉 Like, honestly.

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@IrishEagle Thanks for recording this video, very helpful. Good news, I have identified the issue. I’ll have a new version published soon. If you’re interested, this was the problem: 🤦‍♂️

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@SimoAhava @defaced @KiwiAlec And a pretty cool proof to be quite honest. Let’s see what happens on the bug.

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@SimoAhava @defaced @KiwiAlec Nice find. Unfortunately this is probably not intended to be exposed. Filed Sorry to (potentially, still needs confirmation from engineering) ruin the party.

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@tomcritchlow As suggested in your post, following up here…

First, it doesn’t work on Twitter (details:

Second: there’re some security restrictions in place:

All your examples in your article work wh

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@timse7 @verge I was also thinking about the good old days of Media Fragments. For annotating, we can definitely use Text Fragments today. Also of interest: the integration with Web Annotations:

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@JonPorty If this still repros for you, could I ask you to let me know the exact browser version and operating system version you’re using, please?

[For example, I conducted my tests on macOS Version 10.15.5 with Chrome Version 84.0.4147.45 (Official Bui

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@JonPorty This is working exactly as it should: It’s a long passage, so the extension takes the first couple of words and frames it by the last couple of words:

textStart: The%20extension%20and%20the%20functionality%20it

textEnd: linking%20to%20that%20c

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@JonPorty As promised getting back. I can’t reproduce the problem, tho. For the exact same passage, the extension created this link: The fragment being # 6yZyrd:~:text=The%20extension%20and%20the%20functionality%20it,linking%20to%

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RT @verge: Google’s new Chrome extension lets you link directly to specific text on a page

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@othermaciej @jensimmons @jonathandavis @samthor Absolutely, please don’t gate this at the “PWA feature or not?” question. PWAs are just websites: 😃

(⬆️ Can Safari consider supporting Text Fragments, please? https:/

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@othermaciej @jensimmons @jonathandavis @samthor For the 2 examples specifically, Device Memory & Media Capabilities, they’re used to tailor experiences to the devices they’re being enjoyed on. This can be in a PWA. A PWA starts in a browser tab state

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@johnwilander @othermaciej I wish I could use Purple Safari on iOS, and iPadOS, or—rumor mill—even iPhone2020 “one more thing” WWDC2021 can then be all about other browser engines… 🤣

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RT @arstechnica: Google pushes “text fragment links” with new Chrome extension by @RonAmadeo

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