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June 10th, 2020

@nicolastorzec Merci! Let’s hope someone acts upon it.

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Ephemeral fingerprinting: Important privacy concept especially in, but not limited to, the context of Project Fugu 🐡 APIs.

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Xotabu4 QuicTransport is a web API that uses the QUIC protocol in a bidirectional, non-HTTP transport between a web client and a QUIC server. It supports sending data both unreliably via its datagram APIs, and reliably via its streams APIs.

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@nicolastorzec Please provide feedback through the widget at the bottom of the knowledge panel. For some reason the results are grouped together, even in the regular results. It probably happens because you SHOUTED at Google. ðŸ

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@HenrikJoreteg Not silly at all. My first reaction to your tweet was: hmmm, `prefers-large-text`, that’d be a great platform addition. Then it clicked and I realized that this isn’t needed. 😅

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@sayhello @kennethrohde @Filipbech @petele If it helps: We do have type definitions for the browser-nativefs 💾 support library:

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@HenrikJoreteg Absolutely, that’s what they’re good for! Key is a relative base font size:

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