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June 26th, 2020

HenrikJoreteg stub out an empty regex and tack on the `.exec()` with a string you’re parsing and *then* start working on creating your regex in @ChromeDevTools.

The as-you-type auto evaluation is so much nicer than manually running it each time.

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@othermaciej @firt @bradeeoh No worries, if it doesn’t happen in the context o20, looking forward to reading/seeing the announcement elsewhere then. This is going to be big. 😆

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RT @Justinwillis96: HUGE release today for @pwabuilder . So much goodness in this release that I think yall are really going to enjoy. Make…

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@pwabuilder Yuck. It’s Fugu, and the emoji is 🐡. Apart from that: congratulations on the release! 🎈

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RT @ChromiumDev: 🔲 New quality criteria for PWAs using Trusted Web Activity

In a native app, a render blocking error would be an exception…

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RT @rmondello: There’s a new STP out with the new features from Safari 14! It includes Privacy Report, PIN entry and account selection on e…

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@othermaciej Did I miss the service worker entitlement bit in @bradeeoh’s talk? It is late here and I therefore watched at 1.5×, but I don’t think I saw it get mentioned.

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