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June 16th, 2020

@dfabu @jaffathecake Oops, answered in Sorry, I’m reading tweets in chronological order in a client that doesn’t have threads (but also no sponsored tweets and no top tweets). A write up would be much appreciated. Thanks in ad

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@dfabu @jaffathecake Is there a written version of the “chip” idea somewhere?

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@funwithforms Nice article, thanks! @justmarkup The sponsorship link in the footer is missing a ‘p’, “htts://” isn’t a correct protocol :-)

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This bug was resolved with, turns out O(n^2) operations on media queries were the culprit. Good that this was caught through massively scaled RUM data. If only Apple could push the fix without an iOS update.

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Fell in love with CSS System Colors ( The more I use them, the more subtle issues I find in combination with dark mode. Just filed when using `color: HighlightText` and `background-color: Highlight`. Demo:

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@HenrikJoreteg As I wrote in the comments, their current build is currently a little wasteful.

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@HenrikJoreteg Glad you’re asking… 😉

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In the 2019 edition of the HTTP Almanac (, @jeffposnick and I were the authors of the PWA chapter (

This year, we want to make room for new faces 😃 and new voices 🗣. If you’re interested ✍️, comm

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If you were wondering why I’m using Apple Podcasts as the example: I needed an app that (i) people can universally understand what it does, (ii) is available on desktop and mobile, and—most importantly—(iii) has all the features I wanted to show. It

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All aspects of the app are open-source and Apache-2.0 licensed: Maybe this will give other countries a head start in developing theirs.

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Germany’s COVID-19 🦠 tracing app has been launched:

💉 Android:
💉 iOS:

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@apassant @julieletierce Joyeux anniversaire, Alex! 🤗

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