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June 11th, 2020

🔢 Welcoming Safari (technically: @WebKit Technology Preview 108 for now) in the club of browsers that have an Async Clipboard API 🔋 implementation with PNG image 🖼 support:

- Background:

- Announcement:

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RT @mozhacks: 🔣Introducing the MDN Web Docs Front-end developer learning pathway - a structured course for pragmatic front-end development…

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@reillyeon Something fascinating they did in Hamburg are counter-monuments. There’s a historical 1936 monument that glorifies WW1 soldiers (, so in 1983 (too late!) they put up a counter-monument showing the horrors of war (https

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@_developit @cramforce @jaffathecake @AdamRackis @jeffposnick It can never go without the weird `javascript:`:

`<a href=”javascript:MM_swapImage(…);”>`
Or maybe `onMouseOver`. Great times.

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we1x Finally managed to put together a short guide on how to protect resources from web attacks with Fetch Metadata request headers.
It’s rare that a new browser feature allow you to address attacks like CSRF, XSSI, and cross-origin information leaks at once!

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@webdevbmth Regarding the SVG issue: just filed for you. For the iframe issue: I could not reproduce this on macOS on If you can, please file a Thanks!

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@rijubrata I did a reverse image search to find that out.

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@yoavweiss This should also happen over at @github.

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Since no Project Fugu 🐡 post or tweet may go without the 🐡 emoji and since this is my chance to at least fix the latter: signal-boosting the article by @HenrikJoreteg quoted below ⤵️. This is _exactly_ why we work on this project.

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backlon One thing I left out of my Android 11 beta hands on was the improved Voice Access, which now understand screen context and content. That was a mistake - it’s actually incredible.

You don’t have to use a grid or button numbers, you can just say what’s on the screen. Watch:

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RT @modelviewer: v1.0 of <model-viewer> has arrived! Combined with #webxr on Chrome Android your custom HTML/CSS flows naturally from 3D in…

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@ChromeDevTools Definitely highlight the element that causes scrollbars to appear, as suggested by multiple other respondents. Thanks! 🤗

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@DanShappir @yoavweiss @_developit It’s marked in the spec as a _can_ feature:

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