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June 23rd, 2020

Neat, the @EdgeDevTools now can remotely start a screencast on a connected device:…. 🎥 📱

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jaffathecake I’d love to see eased gradients in CSS, but in the meantime, this editor is great…

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@html5test All our Hue devices show as not-responding in Control Center and in Apple Home, when the Google Home app on the same phone can flawlessly control them. Also, likewise no idea how to setup what shows up and what doesn’t.

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@romboutv Hi 🙋‍♂️. Regarding your design proposals (,,,, I’d be interested in using one of them as the official icon. Would you be open? If so, plea

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The HEY email PWA is as snappy as it gets and as everyone says it is. The only issue on iOS 14 Beta 1 is that in standalone mode when installed to the home screen each email opens in the in-app browser.
(CC: @dhh @basecamp @othermaciej)

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@nic_o_martin @ChromiumDev Better late than never… Sorry! 🙈 Seems like you have figured it…QV). In retrospect, was there information missing we could have provided?

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Coming to an @HTTPArchive near you: a Project Fugu 🐡

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@kennethrohde Not Share Target, just the other way round.

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🎉 The Web Share (Level 2) API is supported by default in Safari 14 that ships with iOS 14 Beta 1.

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@xeenon @dethbakin @charlietuna @wensonhsieh Bit of a long shot but I wanted to unearth this specific tweet… We (Google) hear user complaints from users ophotopea.comxu, that start when the app tries to consume 1GB of RAM according to its…

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@cemper @martinibuster @CyrusShepard @Marie_Haynes ✌️ Buggy as hell extension dev here. Happy to report that v1.1.11 works flawlessly w/ your example:…. If you distrust the extension, don’t use it. If you wanna roll your own,…

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@RobinatRibit @mattgsouthern It’s on a standards track:…. Note that Text Fragments links do work in other browsers, simply, the highlighting bit isn’t supported. The extension always also links to the closest element fragment ap

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slightlylate 1000% better:

“Choice & control over your experience online is important. We’re glad Apple is taking a step toward real user choice & look forward to bringing the best web engine to iOS when allowed.

Until then, make Firefox your default browser on your iPhone/iPad.”…

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@jordaust @firefox I came here to say exactly this. @firefox, don’t fool people, this isn’t Gecko 🦎.

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mnot iOS and macOS Big Sur will support @ietf CAPPORT for captive network detection -…

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