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June 29th, 2020

ChromiumDev 🧪 Start experimenting with a new way to access browser and device data with User-Agent Client Hints. Available in Chrome 84 beta now!…

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@mhartington Love how many of the UI best practices of… this implements. Great work. 👏

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@wesbos @SaraSoueidan The marketing is great and they’ve definitely created a hype. Will I pay $99 for it to start fresh, tell everyone about my new email, and set up tons of backup emails again? Probably no. It’s a cool tech demo, though. For…

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@html5test @voxpelli @firt They emphasized *in part* in the blog post, so yeah, fingerprinting was an argument in not implementing, but not the only one.

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@rowan_m I could also page your manager and mention that some of their reportees reports spare cycles. But you wouldn’t want me to do that, would you? /me pets cat.

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If you want to test-drive this yourself, here’s the new branch:….

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Sneak preview of the 👷‍♀️ Service Worker Detector extension (…) working in Safari Technology Preview 109.

(Thanks, @xeenon, for the handholding in getting this up and running).

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@campuscodi @ZDNet The article lacks the source. This is the missing link for where you write “Apple said”:….

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@xeenon 🎉 Thank you so much for the help! Greatly appreciated! It all worked fine now.

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@xeenon It’s probably the same thing with the missing references. I need to recreate the project. Be right back.

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@xeenon Ah, I see. That’s the kind of thing I meant. Xcode n00b here, sorry. Let me try to fix my project then.

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@xeenon Another small thing I ran into: inspecting a popup window only works if you set Web Inspector to open in a new separate window. It shows a white screen when run docked.

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@xeenon This is from my `popup.html` file, note the highlighted parts.

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@xeenon Awesome, this was it. It seems there’re some issues with resolving relative paths. If I load everything from `/` it works.

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@xeenon Woohoo, managed to build an extension by creating a fresh extension via the wizard and then replacing the Resources.
Now I get `[Error] Failed to load resource: The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error -1000.)` in my popup.js. How do I

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@xeenon I’ll give it a try as soon as I can. Unfortunately can’t install a beta build myself on my corp. MacBook.

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@xeenon My suggestion would be to have the documentation be cross-read by someone who never touched Xcode and any of the App Store publication process.

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@xeenon Thanks for the clarification. As many developers, I won’t start from scratch, but try to convert an existing extension. But good to know starting fresh is supported now on Catalina.
FWIW, I hope not to run into native issues like with the old…

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🗣 PSA: If you want to play with Safari Web extensions (…), you need(!) to be on macOS Big Sur. I tried installing Xcode 12 beta on Catalina, switched to it, installed STP 109, and it still wouldn’t work. Confirmed by @xeenon:…

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@nomsternom @webkit @ChromiumDev Yes, prompting isn’t the universal answer. I still think a mix of granting _some_ permissions on install and ad-hoc _grouped_ prompting for others could work, all while “forgetting” granted permissions after a certai

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“They [@npmjs] realized it after the fact [of firing five engineers] that they let all the black people go”.-@nomadtechiee
I don’t have details, follow Amal instead. ⤵️…O

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@webkit’s first line of defense against fingerprinting is to not implement web features which increase fingerprintability and offer no safe way to protect the user. Here are some examples of features we have decided to not implement […]…

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