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June 18th, 2020

Refactoring optional chaining into a large codebase: lessons learned, by @leaverou:

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@AaronGustafson It might be just me, but the link leads to an error page on your site.

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@IrishEagle At first sight (only by watching the video) looks like the site doesn’t handle Ajax state restoration well. I’ll check in more detail tomorrow.

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@IrishEagle I’ll have a look, if there’re additional details, please let me know. Thanks!

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@khan_sikki @ChromiumDev `getUserMedia()` works for apps installed to the home screen, but not yet in WKWebViews.

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@HenrikJoreteg Nice, loading v10 that didn’t have native Wake Lock support yet. In the mid term I hope NoSleep.js moves to lazy-loading. Maybe in v12.

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@senthil_hi @ChromiumDev Element fragments are set by the website author. Text fragments can be set by anyone. That’s the difference.

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RT @JonPorty: This is very cool, especially for other journalists who need to link to specific articles to cite their reporting https://t.c…

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@JonPorty Thanks for covering this extension on The @Verge 😊. The problems with the highlighting not showing you’re hitting are most probably related to redirects: If there’s not enough unique context, the extension can’t

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@FWeinb Feature request: add the Screen Wake Lock API so the screen stays on: This little app is a great use case for the Web Bluetooth Scanning API, thank you!

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To “see” the app’s Corona exposure announcements, use @fweinb’s Web Bluetooth app (Source code:

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@TypeSong Twitter’s URL redirector “consumes” the user gesture (
The extension actually adds the closest element fragment “page-42” in your case as a fallback for non-supporting browsers (or situations like the

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@spottedmahn If you dig the GitHub commit history you’ll see how long it took me. So many corner cases… Probably still haven’t covered (or even discovered) them all.

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“How to file a good browser bug”, by ⁦@robertnyman⁩ and ⁦@petele⁩. 🧒‍💻

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RT @juberti: Duo group calling now available on the web! Like all Duo calls, group calls support end-to-end encryption, thanks to the new W…

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@othermaciej @jensimmons @jonathandavis @samthor The main context was Web Views, but nevertheless this paper has some answers in its introduction. Happy to answer your questions (here, via DM, or reach out to tomac AT my employer D

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@kamranahmedse There are a couple of bookmarklets and extensions out there that implement what I call the “naive” approach (no offense). The difference is this:

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@jensimmons @jonathandavis @samthor We’d also love you to (re-)consider some of the Project Fugu 🐡

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