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June 15th, 2020

With many folks renaming their branches to something not “master”, there’s some collateral damage with code deep links not working anymore. It’s the right thing to do, simply, @github should probably be given some time to put in place a 301 redire

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New article: Make your Progressive Web App not feel like a website, but like a “real” app, at the example of the Apple Podcasts app.

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sergiomdgomes I just published “Everything you never wanted to know about side effects”:…
It looks at ES module side effects and the impact they can have on tree-shaking.

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anatudor Now this halftone effect is cross-browser 🥳🎉 as I’ve switched to a different technique using blend modes instead of luminance masking.……

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@webmaxru PWAs—People Want App Stores.

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@reillyeon I see a strange correlation of people based in the Golden State of the US of A and the installation of UPS. If only we knew where all the rate-payers’ money went. Oh, wait.…

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@simevidas @HenrikJoreteg And correct, no permission required, since the workaround when the API isn’t available (playing an invisible, silent video) likewise doesn’t require a permission. Note that this workaround is going away, in favor of a proper…

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@simevidas @HenrikJoreteg This “flipping back” behavior is part of the Wake Lock lifecycle:….

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