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August 1st, 2021

@SaraSoueidan Microsoft Edge has a browser-wide setting to override the OS-wide setting.

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@DasSurma @samthor It does indeed. Is this public yet?

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@edent @TheWebConf And of course the HTML deep link uses some sort of crap state management and forces you to go through the landing page. From the landing page the HTML version works, though.

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@edent A few conferences like @TheWebConf have started to co-publish “papers” as HTML pages, here’s an example:

On the landing page, click on “All Formats”. 🔄

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How GitHub’s dynamic Open Graph social images work:

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Conjuring Generative Blobs With The CSS Paint API: Good intro to the CSS Paint API. #Houdini

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@kennethrohde @slightlylate @pgc Well aware. Contributed to it… 😃

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