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August 10th, 2021

: Improving CSS Grid compatibility with GridNG. Good overview on how Chromium browsers got more aligned with the CSS Grid spec. 👏…

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Indiepen: A privacy-friendly tool to embed HTML, CSS, and JS code examples. It’s fully open source, so if you want, you can host your own Indiepen. The focus here is viewing source, as far as I can tell this is not meant for live editing.…

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@rauschma Get Parallels 16 (the last not using a subscription model) and you can run Windows 11 and/or 10, among many others.

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@RenAmam13959759 @Bundestag Elections are usually a compromise, but I vote for the party that I trust the most to take significant steps in slowing down the climate change. Maybe the Whal-o-mat to be released September 2 will be helpful for you to make…

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🤔 Working on some spec text and I’m not sure if GitHub Copilot is helpful or not:

Naive assumptions like 🧑‍✈️💬 “if I’m on a mobile network, I’m probably on a mobile network” are not accurate.

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cwiiis New blog post about WebKit OffscreenCanvas progress:… (TLDR; It’s done on Linux - also featuring demo and short video)

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The elections for the 🇩🇪 German @Bundestag () will decide on where this country is headed when it comes to the climate crisis. Let’s turn these elections into a (climate elections) and vote for change 🌻! This site has all the

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JoshWComeau New blog post: ⭐️ “The World of CSS Transforms” ⭐️

The `transform` property is ridiculously versatile. It can help with so many otherwise-challenging layouts and effects, IF you understand it well.

That’s what this post is all about! Check it out:

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