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August 27th, 2021

@diekus @marcosc Another alternative is They somehow attach DevTools to real devices (apart from emulators) that they expose to the cloud. You can get free access with an open-source tool.

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@jensimmons @diekus On-device you may get lucky with Eruda: I’ve created this Shortcut based on Eruda and use it regularly.

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RT @feross: Speakeasy JS - Project Fugu: Closing Gaps in the Web’s Capabilities (Thomas Steiner)

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@programmer_just I don’t know, but ask the implementer maybe:

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In a little bit more than an hour after sending this tweet I’ll have the honor and pleasure of being live on @Speakeasy_JS to talk about some fun Project Fugu 🐡 APIs. Get your free ticket 🎟 for the stream link here:

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@danbri Sorry, but I don’t know. There are apps that act as a Chromecast: I think you can find open-source implementations, too. Not sure how feasible it is to do this in the browser.

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The Chrome 94 beta blog post is out: I’m excited about WebCodecs ( and Insertable Streams for MediaStreamTrack ( Both allow for doing fun things with media!

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RT @jsconfin: Call for speakers now open 🚨

We invite the JS community to submit their ideas.

Just a few weeks left to submit your talk!…

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Modern client-side routing: the App History API, by ⁦@samthor⁩. I had the pleasure of reviewing the article, and it’s really good, and so is the API it describes:

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@denladeside Oh no 😔. Hope the situation improves and he gets better!

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@reillyeon @ke9v @Vincent_Scheib It officially uses the Xiaomi Home app:

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@grigs @simevidas If we do that, can we also adopt the

💉[ACCEPT ALL]💈 [customize]

dark pattern to the browser settings? </sarcasm>

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RT @zachleat: 🔝 New blog post: Vector? Raster? Why Not Both?

A little walk-through an interesting image optimizat…

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@briankardell Loving your usage of the singular “they” here.

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@RReverser @marcosc The asymmetry is making me uncomfortable.

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AdaRoseCannon As promised here is the finished Augmented Reality Roller Coaster.

Try it in the Samsung Internet Beta or Chrome on Android unfortunately Safari doesn’t support WebXR yet

It should work on any AR device & browser which supports WebXR Augmented Reality.

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