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August 9th, 2021

Justinwillis96 We are big fans of it too! Using the browser-fs-access library for your download and file related things is an awesome way to make your PWA feel more integrated into the OS it’s running on 😊…

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A seasonal 🙏 thank you to all the contributors to `browser-fs-access` 💾 (…). File System Access API with legacy fallback made easier thanks to y’all’s contributions. The library is used by our friends over at @pwabuilder and @excalidraw

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DasSurma 🔥 You can try structuredClone() in Deno Canary *right now*!

(This is my first ever spec thing coming into existence. Really weird. Really cool.)…

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@jaffathecake @JamesHollyer FYI, more discussion on coalesced events happened on the PR thread, starting with comment… (and onward). The @w3ctag may have opinions, too…

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@Vjeux Turns out switching to the Ubisoft launcher fixes it, thanks, Reddit. What’s up with “launchers”? I’ve been out of gaming…2k

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@Vjeux Trying to get into it, but failing hard. The Epic Games Launcher’s everything but epic (feels more like a root kit, where’s the simple double-click the game icon and go), and the login always fails. I’m on the Windows 11 beta, so maybe that’s why?!

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