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August 19th, 2021

Just presented about my Network Information API reboot proposal to the @webperfwg folks. See the slides with pointers to all other resources:…. Thanks, @yoavweiss, for inviting me and thanks to the participants for their kind

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Inclusive hiring: At Google, we’re required to write our interview feedback in gender-neutral language. “TC” is corp. speak for “the candidate” and when a gender-revealing word slips in your feedback, you get a “spelling error” kind of user interface

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Since CSS (soon) allows you to style `::grammar-error` (…), I wonder if the authors of CSS Pseudo-Elements Module Level 4 thought of letting developers trigger a grammar error somehow. Right now, it’s only for errors detected by the

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@b1tr0t @CharlieCroom @slightlylate @phae @Twitter @beverloo To prevent this from happening, you can listen for the `onbeforeinstallprompt` and prevent the prompt from showing. It’s a fixed bug:….

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BenjaminCoe excited to see that WebKit landing crypto.randomUUID() 🎉…

thanks for the support @chris_dumez 😊

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@jaffathecake Jealousy doesn’t open doors, it closes them!

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@zachleat I have people replace this, too. And ellipsis, and en- and em-dashes.

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@jaffathecake Thanks on behalf of all future readers of your podcasts. <3

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MSEdgeDev The new Ink API, now available in the Dev channel, improves ink latency on the web by up to 240%. Learn more and try it out for yourself!

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philwalton I think the thing that confuses people the MOST about Core Web Vitals is:

When their lab data tells them things are good, but their field data says they have a problem… 🤔

So I wrote a post to help explain why this can happen and what to do about…

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Level up your CSS linting using Stylelint. A great overview of ways to lint your CSS.…

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jaffathecake A nice visualisation of the different bad ways to random-sort an array, plus a couple of good ways:…

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@html5test Absolutely. I haven’t had any issues so far, and I took part in all betas so far.

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@tistre It’s just how it works:…. See specifically the domain attribute.

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