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August 4th, 2021

@biteofpie @styfle It will only be sent over a _sec_ure connection, that is, HTTPS.

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styfle Chrome 93 will support client hint headers.

This means you can detect if the user prefers dark mode before executing any client-side CSS/JS.

This is useful for inlined CSS sent with the initial page load.…

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quicksave2k Users can now show all controls in <video> and <audio> elements, including the ones hidden with the controlsList HTML attribute (nodownload, nofullscreen, noplaybackrate, and noremoteplayback).

Try… in Chrome 🐤…

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kilianvalkhof CSS nesting is (finger crossed) coming to browsers!

I wrote an article that’s part introduction, part explainer on how to use it today with @PostCSS and part tips on preventing coding yourself into a corner due to specificity.

Check it out here:…

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@danbri @JohnMu Everyone should do whatever they want with their time. I retract the last part of the tweet. 😃

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Good overview of the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) feature that the Chrome Privacy Sandbox team recently finished an origin trial on ⤵️. The presentation contains action items the team took away from running the trial. Critics should read…

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ChromiumDev 🎥 @jaffathecake and @DasSurma tackle one of the hardest types of debugging on the web: Memory leaks!

Here’s how they tracked down and fixed leaks in a real-world app:…

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rowan_m Client Hints and the new `Critical-CH` header are popping up in more places! DevTools (in Dev channel) will show you the first load mini re-request as a 307 redirect (like HSTS)
Try it on or with added critically added kittens on…

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hdv “To me, the main benefit of web components is that they liberate us from the tyranny of frameworks [so that we can] focus on more important questions of performance, accessibility [and] correctness”—Nolan Lawson 🔥💯…F

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