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August 23rd, 2021

@DamselflyPhotos @bassonrichard @chris_sainty @ChromeDev We hear you :-) “Pssst… If you’re on macOS, run Chrome with `—enable-features=WebShare` to get the Web Share API working.” (It’s already working work in progress.)

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@edent If you marked it as security bug then mere mortals like me can’t see it. Sorry, I was not aware you apparently don’t have the CC: option. It exists for me. Anyway, should you not hear back within two days, please ping again and I can reach out to s

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@FakeUnicode I remember this proposal. I only half hated it :-)

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RT @programmingart: Part 2/3 of my series “HTTP/3 from A to Z” is now online. In it, I discuss #HTTP3 and #QUIC’s performance features in t…

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@edent Please file it. If it’s a security bug, it won’t be visible publicly, but if you CC: me, I can help triage.

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@FakeUnicode I know it’s not the point of the tweet, but maybe nevertheless interesting to learn: The concept of eggplant 🍆 is codified as Q7540: There’s an effort underway to create a multilingual Abstract Wikipedia: https

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@samthor Happy birthday, mate! 🎂 🎈

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