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August 26th, 2021

Speakeasy_JS SpeakeasyJS is *tomorrow* at 10am with ✨…

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@kennethrohde @Mustafa_x @dalmaer @diekus @MSEdgeDev (I’d like this iframe to tab right-click option, too.) To be clear, I was referring to not doing the iframe dance in the first place and just open in such a tabbed tab. (Also related but distinct:…

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Snowden I don’t think you should miss this one.

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verge Microsoft wants Chrome OS users running Office web apps, not Android apps…

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@dalmaer Congratulations again, now that you’ve made it public! 🎈 Sounds like a great place, looking forward to seeing what you (and @igrigorik) will come up with!

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Still lots of things to figure out, especially the ownership verification part and shared ownership, but First Party Sets (…) proposal looks interesting. Good amount of interesting discussion happening in…,…

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@iandevlin Haha, I have a Thomas Steiner somewhere in France with a similar problem.

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@TheRealNooshu @libellule Oh man. This is sad. Hope they find a new date soon. Here’s a virtual hug 🤗!

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@Mustafa_x @dalmaer @diekus @MSEdgeDev I think I would like this. It’d be better than Google Chat’s document preview in the chat thread (which is sort of this idea of attached tab taken to the extreme…). As long as these tabs co

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I was triggered by ⁦@shadeed9⁩’s tweet about his Adobe cancelation (…) and clicked through to ⁦@GrowthDotDesign’s⁩ “29 UX Case Studies To Improve Your Product Skills”. Great stuff!

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