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August 12th, 2021

@passle_ @TimvdLippe Doesn’t aggressive unfollowing and turning off ReTweets of some accounts help? Also switching to a not made by Twitter app for less distractions (my tip for iOS is Echofon Pro). It’d be sad to see you go.

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@LukasBrausch @brave Yes, as stated in the article and detailed further here:….

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@justinfagnani Maybe it’s clearer from the Explainer:…. “It” refers to building things that are more than just a key-value store.

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@argyleink @kilianvalkhof I use…

:root {
—accent-color: red;
accent-color: var(—accent-color);

…in my CSS now.

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@AminYa74 @jaffathecake @DasSurma I’d happily read a transcript of or a blog post about this episode! 😃

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@jlongster Congratulations on launching this! For everything API: you know how to reach the team and me… 😃

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😲 “What happens when you’ve built your entire app around IndexedDB, and then a brand new super fast storage layer […] comes to the web? You’ve locked yourself in.

Using sql.js + absurd-sql, we’ve abstracted away the

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Oh, interesting: @deno_land has added experimental support for :…. Read more about the API in my article:….

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@dietrich @intenttoship OK, I think I got this. Can you hook up your bot to…? This includes all emails to the blink-dev@ mailing list.

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@_eeston @code @github “Terminals are not available in this environment.”

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@_eeston @code @github Yeah, just saw this new tip after retweeting the other tip. GitHub was having a great day!

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rmondello No matter what anyone else does with their offerings, iOS and macOS have a built-in, free password manager. I love our new, Mac-native interface in macOS Monterey, which has clear, helpful security recommendations (including breach warnings!) and a verification code generator. :)…

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@jensimmons With. In a lot of cases this can save you a click.

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ChromiumDev 👉 Troubleshooting origin trial issues?

🧐 Our guide can help.…

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@firt Noted this, too:…. It’s really not intuitive.

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argyleink 🆕 GUI Challenge
Thinking on ways to build a switch

[video alt](fun show moment)
apparently a 1px switch can be swiped 1px..! a switch, but tiny 🤣


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code Wonder what would happen if you went on a @github repo and changed the URL from “” to “”? 🙊

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ChromiumDev @JosephArhar and @argyleink team up to introduce `accent-color` on

input {
accent-color: hotpink;

that’s it!

Learn more

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DasSurma 👀 Oh look, thanks to @lcasdev, there’s now an article on `structuredClone()` on MDN!…

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