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August 2nd, 2021

Chrome 93: Multi-Screen Window Placement, PWAs as URL Handlers, and more: This release also includes the `Sec-CH-Prefers-Color-Scheme` header for improved dark mode, specified by yours truly 😊

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@antonioberetini This is part of the core browser affordances that are currently not modifiable. See for a similar question and maybe add your feedback there (or to a new Issue). Thanks!

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Wanna lock someone out of their Instagram/Facebook account? Wish’em a happy 12th birthday 🎂! The corp now looks for patterns like this & applies the findings to linked accounts to detect underage users: How was I gonna do it? M

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@edent Let me try whining on our bug tracker: Feel free to submit to HN ;-)

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@DoroBaer GPC is a valid Do Not Sell My Personal Information signal according to the California Consumer Privacy Act. In July 2021, the California Attorney General clarified that under law, the Global Privacy Control signal must be honored—

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@edent From the README: To open saved pages from the filesystem in a Chromium-based browser, SingleFileZ must be installed and the option “Allow access to file URLs” must be enabled in the details page of the extension.

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@edent While this would work universally today, it comes with a number of downsides. I’d rather browser vendors agree on how to solve this use case properly. But we’re not there yet. So yeah, maybe in the meantime an inlining “Save As” could do

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@edent Tiny correction: SingleFileZ is not a library, but a browser extension. You need to have it installed in order for your browser to make sense of such a bundle.

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@edent Nice article! By the way, there’s ongoing work to standardize this feature as Web

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I’m a policymaker. How can I […] learn more about how [#GlobalPrivacyControl] could apply in my jurisdiction?
If you’d like to learn more about how GPC could work in your jurisdiction, contact us via email […].

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While it’s certainly more surprising for some than for other browser vendors not to act, all browsers, including but not limited to Safari, should be called out for not implementing the `Sec-GPC` (⤵️) HTTP header: #GlobalPri

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@SaraSoueidan Microsoft Edge has a browser-wide setting to override the OS-wide setting.

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