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August 17th, 2021

@anthony_ricaud @yoavweiss It sounds like you’d be better served by a browser extension for a complex-ish setup like this.

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@sid_vishnoi @kennethrohde @dandclark1 You can `try…catch` a dynamic import assertion to check if the type is supported:

const type = ‘foo’;
try {
await import(‘./foo.json’, {
assert: { type }
} catch (err) {
if (

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Using CSS Module Scripts to import stylesheets, by @dandclark1.

import sheet from ‘./styles.css’ assert { type: ‘css’ };
document.adoptedStyleSheets = [sheet];
shadowRoot.adoptedStyleSheets = [sheet];

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@Gian_albert02 @ChromiumDev That’s the UI of the @brave browser. You’re tweeting to Chrome.

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@pepelsbey_ The problem with toggles is that you’re actively fighting the browser if you choose a theme different than the system theme; there is just no way around it. FWIW, my toggle supports both approaches, the `class` attribute or the `link[media]` a

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@Gian_albert02 @ChromiumDev This is the tabs overview that you have chosen to fill with new tabs. In the general case this overview looks different. 😃

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RT @ChromiumDev: Help @tomayac by answering a short (promised!) survey 🔋 about his efforts to reboot the 🔶 Network Information API: https:/…

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@samthor Hehe, I’m mostly just “that guy”…

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