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August 20th, 2021

ChromiumDev As shared before (…), Notification Triggers allows you to schedule local notifications that don’t require network, which is great for 🗓 Calendar or ✅ ToDo apps; see… by @tomayac.

🙏 File your interest in….

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@dandclark1 @AgentZeroNine Here we go, a polyfill for CSS Import Assertions and CSS Modules:…

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@Justinwillis96 @davrous @ChromiumDev @christianliebel That’s the current limitation, but it’s on the roadmap for other platforms.

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@sonseo_rm @JohnMu @googlesearchc Perfetto. Routed to our Blink>Scroll team. Let’s see what they say.

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ChromiumDev A while ago, we shared that we were working on a ✍️ Handwriting Recognition API (…, by @christianliebel and @tomayac).

We’re now 👀 looking for developers interested in using this exciting API. Please comment on this Issue:….

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webdirections Your browser and the file system of your device have never played nicely together–until now.

At Code@tomayacac gets us up to speed with how our browser and file systems can work so much better

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@bramus @jon_neal 👋 Yepp, happy to help, the article hopefully covers most questions you may have already:… (but again, happy to help). For compatibility, you might be interested in using it through 💾 browser-fs-access:…

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@little_bret @asumaran @ChromiumDev We have made it its own permission:…. It was initially tied to the notifications permission, but this idea was abandoned.

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@JohnMu @sonseo_rm @googlesearchc This looks strange for sure. Mind filing a with the video link and post the bug ID here? I’m happy to triage and get it routed to the right team. Grazie!

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pwabuilder The Manifest Previewer is now live! This web component will allow you to visualize changes you make to your web manifest as you get your app ready for the Microsoft Store. You will also be able to see the changes on different platforms! Go check it out!…

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petermllrr @bitandbang I’m currently working on this 😌 An idea is to have this easily available in the styles panel. I am not sure about the workflow – would you copy “all” changes to the clipboard or rather the changes per

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