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August 7th, 2021

@simevidas Thank you, @ecbos_! Finally a font stack I can use universally. 😃 So far I went with `system-ui, sans-serif`, which worked a little sub-optimally but was good enough for my use cases.

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Vjeux I always wondered what was the algorithm used to generate ascii art out of randomness in openssh. Turns out it’s called Drunken Bishop and is both simple and with a great backstory!…

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BenDMyers ✨ New post!

I wrote about my favorite HTML element you might not have heard of: <dl>

You’ve probably got some use cases for this one!

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jasnell New blog post … Implementing Web Streams in Node.js ……

(this was originally scheduled to post to NearForm’s blog… and it still might, but I wasn’t sure so I posted it to my personal blog also)

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htmlstandard Expand <details> for find-in-page and fragment navigations (thanks josepharhar!)…

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🤯 Now just imagine how much firster class (⤵️) it would make the Web feel on macOS (and, dare I say iOS and iPadOS) if Safari allowed app installation and supported features like Window Controls Overlay (…).…

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@shadeed9 “Future generation website” ♥️

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argyleink `:focus-visible`

Lets the browser decide whether or not to show focus

Video shows the difference between `:focus` and `:focus-visible` when Javascript is used to focus buttons after mouse interaction

less concerns / better UX

Learn more…

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@hdv @estark37 We always require developer signals (…) and other vendor signals ( before (un)shipping a feature. Both signals are only one input into the process to take into consideration—and are neither a

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@pepelsbey_ @SaraSoueidan I prefer manipulating the media attributes, but it can be an overhead for small CSS files. My toggle supports both, media attributes & classes:…. On we use classes, on my blog I use

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