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May 6th, 2022

@MHablich @ChromeDevTools It’s a one-off project and this flow turned out to be just good enough for getting a fully server-rendered site. I could have stopped at just directly serving `create.html`, which is what a not insignificant amount of Web devel

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The build process 🏗 for my current microsite is:

1️⃣ Load `create.html` with a ton of HTML-generating JS in Chrome.
2️⃣ Paste `copy(document.documentElement.innerHTML)` into the @ChromeDevTools Console.
3️⃣ Save the clipboard contents into

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@steveruizok Copying as a file isn’t supported yet (only the other way round: pasting a file), but you can copy pixel data as PNG.…. See… for dealing with it in prod (it’s ugly, but once older browsers bec

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Classic wartime strategy: repeat your lies until you believe them yourself.

[@]tass_agency: https://tass[.]ru/armiya…

[@]rianru: https://ria[.]ru/obostre…

(English translation in ALT text.)


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