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May 12th, 2022

ChromiumDev 🎨 Get creative with Adobe Creative Cloud ☁️

Learn how the Adobe and Chrome teams brought @creativecloud to the web, starting with Photoshop and Illustrator.

More here →

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firt PWA-related sessions at are now streaming!

Thread with some sessions 🧵

-How to take full advantage of a PWA install; by @tropicadri (the only one with ‘PWA’ in the title 😉)…

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Probably my favorite Google I/O talk: ⁦@jaffathecake⁩ explains the effort of bringing page transitions to the web.
📄 🔜 📄

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stefanjudis It’s hard to keep up with all the new CSS features lately. @argyleink’s sums up all the new stuff quite nicely. 👇💯…

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agektmr A path to a world without passwords: In this Google I/O session, I introduce various sign-in options so you can build a strategy for a passwordless future. It will be available at 9AM PDT on May 12th.…

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BenDelarre Want to know how we brought Photoshop to the web? Check out @tomayac’s great overview of some of the platform capabilities we used to get there!

It’s a whistle-stop tour of WASM, SIMD, Access Handles, P3 Color Space, Web Components and Service Workers!

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😆 I’m super proud to finally announce my Google I/O talk:

“Bringing @Adobe’s Creative Cloud to the Web: Starting with @Photoshop” 🎨…

(Be sure to check the description for a ton of resources.)

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Fantastic overview of all the ways in CSS and HTML to prevent text from wrapping or force text to wrap:….
(via @Paul_Kinlan)

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@aboodman @Paul_Kinlan @KiwixOffline FYI, just added the Kiwix PWA to the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase:….

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@aboodman @Paul_Kinlan The most powerful (in the sense of data volume stored) app I’m aware of is @KiwixOffline. The PWA allows you to work with huge offline archives, for example, containing Wikipedia articles:

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Meet @quicksave2k and me at I/O Adventure ✨now✨ to discuss all your Project Fugu 🐡, advanced apps, and PWA questions:…

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HTTPArchive Big news!

Announcing plans to increase our capacity by 10x 🚀

+ Faster crawl
+ More websites
+ Crawling beyond home pages
+ Lighthouse for desktop AND mobile
+ More efficient BigQuery datasets

It’s a huge leap forward for tracking the state of the web!…

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@briankardell @bgalbs It lets you control the things from this kit… via said APIs using a Web-based IDE.

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What’s new for the web platform? 31min 05sec well spent watching @Una and @jaffathecake summarize everything noteworthy: 👏

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@cheneytsai Hint: turn on “Play start sound” and “Play end sound” in the accessibility settings of your devices. Immediate life changer:

- Hey Google
- *blob
- Weather today?
- *blip
- It’s sunny outside…

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@feross Huge deal, congratulations 🎈!

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slightlylate If you want the *real* story of Web Components and not a hatchet job by folks that weren’t in the room, I told it a couple of years back:

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@kilianvalkhof @hdv @fvsch Great blog post, @fvsch! Luckily the situation has improved a bit since I filed…, but in the general case you still need to have what the post calls expert knowledge to make things work as expected. Slowly

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ChromiumDev Learn about new and upcoming CSS features in this post from…

Or tune in tomorrow to watch the talk at…

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ChromiumDev Find out how we are working to make it easier to build for the web →…

You can also watch @rachelandrew talk on the subject at tomorrow ↓…

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