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May 16th, 2022

@henrylim96 @hankchizljaw Something something `minmax()` and `auto`. This post saved me:

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@rauschma This is what Twitter themselves (presumably) use:

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@AaronGustafson @hankchizljaw I’d proudly wear such a shirt. I know what I don’t know at least, that’s already something.

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From Mozilla ( straight to Apple (⤵️), congratulations, @karlcow! 🎈 Looks like @WebKit folks are really serious about this Web compatibility thing (with @marcosc as the second recent hire in this area). 💏

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@hankchizljaw That’s me and CSS Grid. I copy & pasta the basics and eventually get there, but I know there’s so much about it that I don’t know.

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@devfest_ukraine Looks like the original quoted tweet was deleted. Anyway, here’s the replacement:

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