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May 7th, 2022

@MHablich @ChromeDevTools It’s more about costly API calls whose resulting data is stored in HTML-ified form in the DOM. Whatever the correct term for this is these days. I send down a static DOM tree in `index.html` at the end.

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@mathias @ChromeDevTools Oh, that’s a good one. Thanks for the reminder!

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@mathias Congratulations!

(Minor nit: two long URLs, the longest being, cause the layout to overflow.)

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@othermaciej It’s limited to war memorials, which Germany has a contractual obligation to protect and maintain: This was agreed on in the Treaty on Good Neighborhood, Partnership and Cooperation between the FRG and the USSR. Tex

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@stuk It’s almost technically correct. The repo only contains an Explainer. The still open PR to add the feature to the Web App Manifest spec is So I guess it could be changed to “Started”: https://t.

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Great introduction to the new Node.js `node:test` and `node:assert` packages by @samthor: 💏

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@cramforce @ChromeDevTools Yeah, that’s the obvious way to do this right™. In the particular case I can’t even be bothered. The thing lives on a sGlitch.comeLTRWC project.

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It’s a little more nuanced than the quoted tweet (⤵️) makes it appear. Paste the contents of into your favorite translator and see for yourself. Please help not to spread fake news!
Berlin and all of Germany #StandWithUkraine

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@othermaciej It’s a little more nuanced. Paste the contents of in your favorite translator and see for yourself.

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