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May 11th, 2022

What’s new for the web platform? 31min 05sec well spent watching @Una and @jaffathecake summarize everything noteworthy: 💏 #io22 #GoogleIO

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@cheneytsai Hint: turn on “Play start sound” and “Play end sound” in the accessibility settings of your devices. Immediate life changer:

- Hey Google
- *blob
- Weather today?
- *blip
- It’s sunny outside…

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@feross Huge deal, congratulations 🎈!

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slightlylate If you want the *real* story of Web Components and not a hatchet job by folks that weren’t in the room, I told it a couple of years back:

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@kilianvalkhof @hdv @fvsch Great blog post, @fvsch! Luckily the situation has improved a bit since I filed, but in the general case you still need to have what the post calls expert knowledge to make things work as expected. Slowly

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RT @ChromiumDev: Learn about new and upcoming CSS features in this post from @argyleink →

Or tune in tomorrow to w…

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RT @ChromiumDev: Find out how we are working to make it easier to build for the web →

You can also watch @rachelan…

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Deep link to the Project Fugu 🐡 experience with a teleporter back into the gamproject-fugu-io22.glitch.memoeIO

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Join the Project Fugu 🐡 Advanced Apps space at I/O Adventure: #io22 #GoogleIO

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@JKTwitdev There are actually some font license deals that only allow local use, so uploading to a tool would harm the font’s license agreement. Fonts are a very serious business, the extent of which was new to me.

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@JKTwitdev Design tools that need access to lower-level font data like ligatures for example.

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🎉 The Local Font Access API is approved for shipping in Chromium 103! I’ve just updated the article for launch, and polished the demo, too.

ðŸ (needs a flag until shipped)

A long a

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