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May 19th, 2022

@thisislalaok (The session finished already, but nos leemos en los comentarios. 😃)

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You can find the slides from the #BlinkOn16 breakout session on “Increasing Project Fugu 🐡 API adoption” at The recording of the session is already up, too:

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@ThaUnknown_ Amazing, thanks for letting me know about the improvements!

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@davewsmart Oh, neat. Thanks for the pointer. This lacks conversion to other formats, but it would get me halfway there. I’ll definitely investigate this. Thanks again!

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@wolframkriesing @JSCraftCamp Unfortunately not. I’ll be in town the week before for some work meetings. Not sure about the schedule yet.

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I’ll host a breakout session on “Increasing Project Fugu 🐡 API adoption” later today (17:30 CEST, 8:30am PT) at #BlinkOn16. Register quickly and hop on:

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RT @jimniels: I started to see <details> everywhere when I looked at this presentation from @muanchiou https://t.…

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“[E]ach browser is built on a web browser engine, which is responsible for key browser functionality[.] When gatekeepers operate and impose web browser engines, they are in a position to determine the functionality and standards that will apply […] to

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RT @argyleink: 🆕 #GUIchallenges
Thinking on styling `<button>` elements

I style all the web’s different button types with custom propertie…

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RT @devfest_ukraine: Hey guys! 💋

Give a warm welcome to our next speaker - Una Kravets (@Una) with her talk “Container queries: the new fr…

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MSEdgeDev With Microsoft Edge, you can install any website as an app for a more seamless experience on your desktop. Based on your feedback, we’re introducing new improvements for managing your installed site, including a new Apps hub. Learn more on the blog:

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The new Web platform primitive proposal `focusgroup` facilitates focus navigation using arrow keys among a set of focusable elements. This feature can then be used (w/o JS) to supply platform-provided focusgroup navigation into custom-authored controls: h

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@briankardell @igalia It would be super interesting to split up the red segment by the companies that paid Igalia. Is there any data available regarding this?

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@marcosc @manusporny Manu’s name naturally appears in every second JSON-LD example. 😃

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@tunetheweb Yes, this would definitely be a start. It’s at the “is there any structured data at all on the page?” stage, but not at the data parsing and converting stage yet. Thanks for the pointer anyway. I got another lead at a later stage that lo

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@rubensworks Oh, wow, seems to get me where I want. Bedankt for the pointer! I will run some tests and, if successful, share the solution.

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@mmocny (And the tool is closed source, I’d rather have access to the code.)

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@mmocny No immediate answer yet. I don’t really care for performance that much, but completeness. A tool that partly does what I want is, but it’s limited to markup, not arbitrary RDF; the preliminary do

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