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May 27th, 2022

@lhslvndr @RReverser Couldn’t believe this, but have verified it to be true: via Echofon in reply to lhslvndr

@shwetank @eyeo All the best for the solopreneur step! πŸ€

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The makers of @devfest_ukraine asked me to say a few words about what I think about the event, what motivated me to speak, and what to expect in my talk. It’s impromptu & unpolished, but an honest 🧠 brain dump.

Register and donate:

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ChromiumDev PWAs can define a `theme_color` and a `background_color`. Did you know that you can override both for dark mode πŸŒ’ via `user_preferences` and its `color_scheme` property?

“user_preferences”: {
“color_scheme”: {…}

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Project Fugu 🐑 (and Project Aurora) got dedicated callouts in Google’s submission:… [PDF].

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Mozilla (…) and Google (…) have both responded to the NTIA’s (πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ National Telecommunications and Information Administration) mobile app ecosystem request for comments. Well worth a read!

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