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May 25th, 2022

@jasonmcneill Yeah, we need more offline games, not less… ;-)

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🧪 Android PWA experiment:

Let apps be installed just based on manifest, w/o service worker!

Android Chrome now creates a default offline page (, and some apps have created otherwise empty service workers that slow down the Web

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Correction: since it’s a static method:

😆 After (without `new`):

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If you need to synthesize JSON responses in Service Workers, your life will soon get easier:

🫤 Before:
new Response(JSON.stringify(object), {
headers: {
“Content-Type”: “application/json”

😆 After:
`new Response.json(object)

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RT @Karan_K_Bhatia: Thank you @ZelenskyyUa! From the beginning of the war, @Google has sought to help however we can - through humanitarian…

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@cjamcl It is. It’s in the Share action. Highlight something, then share. See for one improvement to the flow (right now you can’t share the URL alone).

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@jh3yy Probably it’d be safest to match on the dataset-term attribute rather than on the class (what I’m doing and which can cause CSS clashes) or a made-up attribute (what you’re doing and which—should this become popular—would block us from ad

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RT @denladeside: I’m working on a PoC using @NordicTweets HW, @ZephyrIoT firmware and web apps to provide affordable customized mouse (late…

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Added a banner to all pages today: “Join and donate to 🇺🇦 DevFest for Ukraine (, a charitable tech conference happening June 14—15 supported by ⁦@googledevs⁩ and ⁦@googlecloud⁩.”


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PWABuilder can now create PWAs packaged for Meta (Oculus) Quest devices! 💏 @alexey_rodionov is working on a PR to add this and other related info to my article

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@jh3yy That’s what powers the app search feature in the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase:

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RT @codepo8: What’s new for Microsoft Edge at Build 2022

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