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May 10th, 2022

@othermaciej We agree on that. But the shitstorm was that “Berlin bans Ukrainian flag, symbols on May 8-9”, which was simply not true. Would I have wished for different legislation? Sure, 100%. There is thankfully a legal aftermath:……

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@othermaciej <3 Thanks for this courageous tweet! This war is so senseless and the situation so fscked up; and as in every war: truth is the first casualty. I try to triple-check whatever I share, and (no pandering), Safari’s built-in translator helps m

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🎉 Thanks, @smashingmag, for the shoutout to SVGcode ( in your latest article:…. The app is in _very_ humbling company there…

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@othermaciej Police escorted them in groups of 5, but then let them step forward alone, which is the short unattended moment they used to pull out the flag and flash a photo. The tweet picture doesn’t tell the story of the aftermath. Did police act 100% c

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@othermaciej Fun fact: the tweet author Julian Würzer is one of the co-journalists who authored said article. Taking cheap reach on Twitter for a seemingly scandalous fact over more accurate reporting.

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@othermaciej Getting tired of debunking stuff, but, spoiler alert, it’s not accurately reported:…. That’s the very source the tweet even at-mentioned, without linking the article. Safari works great for translating I hear.

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As @Vincent_Scheib notes (⤵️), the 🐡 Project Fugu API Showcase now supports deeplinks:

👉 All apps:…
👉 The Espruino Web IDE app from all WebBluetooth apps:…
👉 The MakeCode app……

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@wesbos @chriscoyier Definitely check the state of things summarized in…. If the Keyboard Lock API ( doesn’t serve you, pile onto the bug with your use cases. Thanks!

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@magicroundabout @chriscoyier This 👆. The closest right now is the Keyboard Lock API (, which lets you capture some reserved key combinations like [cmd]+[t] for example in full screen mode.

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