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May 26th, 2022

@Justinwillis96 @hussainmurani @andreykalechev Not really. Geotracking support is tracked as, but nothing to play with yet.

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@portious_banda @googledevs @googlecloud Are you accidentally blocking the CSS URLs maybe? It’s working fine on all the devices I checked on.

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dannymoerkerke I just added code snippets to most of the demos at What PWA Can Do Today.

I will added snippets to the other demos soon but these need some work.

What PWA Can Do Today is a showcase of demos of what is possible with PWAs today

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@TheRealNooshu Wishing you strength! Hope the numbers point in the right direction rather sooner than later! 💪

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RT @jensimmons: Did you know fonts on the web can be in color? They can have several color palettes defined inside, and you can choose whic…

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A lot of developers want PDF 🔄 generation support for their apps, as expressed in the Project Fugu 🐡 bug and now also a very concrete WHATWG HTML Issue: Star/subscribe to either of both to be updated of progress. 💀 https:

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@AnaestheticsApp Perfect, the Fugu bug and the WHATWG bug are already interconnected. I’m subscribed to both and will signal-boost.

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