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May 18th, 2022

peeps, what’s currently the best/easiest Node.js way to extract semantic data from an arbitrary HTML string that supports any of JSON-LD, RDFa, and Microdata as in-/output? I’m looking for something like `magicParser.parse(htmlWithRDFa).t

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@jasonmcneill @petele It could be inspiring new OS level features, there’s no need for everything to already exist. File here:

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@ThaUnknown_ Oh, neat! All the caveats from your README obviously apply, so as a developer using this your mileage may vary. I’ll add a link to it in the article. Thanks for creating this!

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@jesconradsen @Adobe @Photoshop Luckily this is an option on YouTube. I needed several weeks to grok the various features (somewhat) to summarize them in 20min, so nothing but fair that you would slow the video down… :-)

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@lucienimmink @JSMusicDB 🎉 You can now also deep-link to your project:

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RT @JoshWComeau: “Should I use pixels or rems?”

I just published a blog post that aims to answer this question once and for all. 💖

Get th…

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Some neat #WebBluetooth resources in this slide deck by ⁦@nic_o_martin⁩. Starts with a beginner-friendly example. 💡

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dannymoerkerke The Media Session API finally works on iOS 15.5!

It will show controls and album artwork on the lockscreen and audio will continue playing even when the PWA is minimized.

Check out a demo here:

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