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May 14th, 2022

@simevidas @ChromiumDev Might be a search minimum length of >2 characters? Not sure.

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@Teoli2003 @fvsch @kilianvalkhof @hdv @floscholz Looking forward to it! Iframed content definitely deserves a special “attention: pitfall” section. Same goes for system colors like `CanvasText` that don’t work as expected on all browsers.

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@bramus @chriscoyier This notwithstanding, it’s a _very_ confusing space.

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@reillyeon @samuelgoto Windows peaked at Windows Me. Change my mind.

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@tunetheweb @RReverser @DanShappir Did I…, did I help kill it? 🙀

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@seaotta Congratulations on the new role! 🎈 Enjoy Berlin!

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@simevidas @ChromiumDev Go to, search there (, then open the tracking bug: You can then use the component `Blink>CSS` (very broad here) and bugs listed in “BlockedOn” and “Bloc

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@argyleink I wonder if this could/should work with logical instead of physical properties? Haven’t thought it 100% through, but it seems like it would require redefining when the direction changes.

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RT @buildWithLit: 🔥 We love seeing how people are using Lit.

This talk highlights how Adobe uses #webcomponents in their apps like Photos…

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@RReverser @tunetheweb @DanShappir Came here to say this. I posted this in 2011 and I’m still employed.

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RT @rowan_m: Need to know what to do with your cookies as we progress towards phasing out of third-party cookies? Don’t want to watch the €¦

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RT @philwalton: Next up: A deep dive into optimizing LCP âš¡

But this isn’t your typical webperf talk. Instead of repeating the same old tip…

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brucel Debugging accessibility with Chrome DevTools - Google IO vid from Cynthia Shelley

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I’ll be live and in person at @webhackfest to talk about, drum roll 🥁, Project Fugu 🐡, and I hear they have room for more people (⤵️). It’s a hybrid event, but what’s not to like about A Coruña?

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@BenDelarre @Adobe @Photoshop Thanks for the kind words 😊! Super proud of the teams’ joint advancements of the Web. Each couldn’t have done it without the other.

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@BenDelarre @udos86 @Adobe @Photoshop 💀 Oh, this looks super interesting. This and this seem to be the PRs to watch.

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@udos86 @Adobe @Photoshop Thanks for the kind words 😊! I personally don’t know the answer, but maybe @BenDelarre can point you at someone or knows directly.

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