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May 20th, 2022

@gsnedders @dannymoerkerke @jensimmons Weird that a full text search for “web inspector” wouldn’t turn those up.

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I wanted to proactively apologize to Mozilla (M) as parts of the talk could be interpreted as Chromium (C) criticizing M’s vision. My intention was rather: what can C do better to make sure folks understand Fugu isn’t just Google and strengthen our ar

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👕 Exactly one month after ordering (⤵️), my t-shirt has arrived from Lwiw, Ukraine. Wearing it proudly to show I 🇺🇦.…

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Looking at the history, it seems like the concrete proposal came from @tabatkins:….

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about the CSS `object-view-box` property, proposed by @jaffathecake, documented by @shadeed9:…. This could finally help make the spatial dimension of Media Fragments URI 1.0 (basic) feasible (…).…

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@Indiequest1 If I find out, I’ll share the solution here.

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BBCSteveR Extraordinary exchange on Russian state TV’s top talk show about Ukraine. Military analyst & retired colonel Mikhail Khodarenok tells anchor Olga Skabeyeva “the situation for us will clearly get worse…we’re in total geopolitical isolation…the situation is not

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@dannymoerkerke Looks like no one has asked for a better experience:…. Actually, there’re only four bugs in total for anything Web Inspector:…. Maybe file something and mention @jensimmons.

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@AaronGustafson @jennylayfluffy @Microsoft Great day for such an announcement indeed! Congratulations 🎈 on the new role, and thanks for everything that you have done for the Web in general and PWAs specifically.

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