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November 3rd, 2019

@karanperi @nekrtemplar On a related note, there’re definitely missing @webkit features that could make @Google Web Search more powerful on iOS:…. That being said, I am definitely not a fan of this banner.

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@HenrikJoreteg “Anesthesia charting” sounds like it could qualify for other means of business app distribution, maybe ad-hoc would work?…

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samantha_ming <kbd> tag ⌨️

Wrap your keyboard command text with <kbd>. Great to use especially in documentations! It’s more semantically correct & allows you to target it for some nice styling 👏. This tag is also suitable for other user input (ie. voice input or text entry device) 🙌

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JoubranJad I was asked to include my “Nightmare as a developer” in my talk at @GDGPescara
Inspired from @slightlylate’s latest keynote, my nightmare as a web developer is when browsers stop competing & innovating

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