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November 21st, 2019

@mrdoob @ppparshekar Interesting, the planned SMIL depreciation got suspended. Just skimming the thread; looks like it’s (been) an interesting situation. FWIW, your animation still plays on my iPhone in mobile Safari.

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@mrdoob @ppparshekar Just remix my demo and keep us posted :-) I suspect it won’t work.

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@DerekNguyen10 @firefox It does work, but there seems to be some aggressive caching happening that’s preventing the favicon from changing. Try reopening the demo in an incognito window.

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The support situation for `Element.computedStyleMap()` isn’t great yet (, but what I just learned from @Rumyra’s ace article is that—unlike `Window.getComputedStyle()`—it doesn’t force relayout. That’s p

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Given yesterday’s `prefers-color-scheme` SVG favicon findings and triggered by @ppparshekar’s question, I tried an SVG animation favicon, which doesn’t work (yet?). Only the first frame is drawn, but the animation itself doesn’t play.


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