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November 5th, 2019

Show Search Button when Search Field is Non-Empty:… Neat @css trick.

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rowan_m I’m trying to make it easier to understand what your browser does with cookies, so I made this little testing site. 🍪📋✅ It’s not quite fully baked, but I’d love feedback on if this makes sense to you, improvements, etc. Let me know!

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hdv Nolan Lawson worked on improving accessibility of his SPA, lots of interesting insights…

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ChromiumDev 🎥 New HTTP203! In nodejs you can ‘require’ JSON. The same feature was added to the HTML spec, but then… it was 💀removed💀 for security reasons.@jaffathecakeke an@DasSurmama explain why.


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@firefox This might or might not work out for Firefox:…

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@xeenon @karanperi @nekrtemplar And in…:

“[The Device Memory] API is used by Google Search as one of the signals to determine whether a service worker is being offered:…”.

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@xeenon @karanperi @nekrtemplar It’s mentioned in…:

“Google Search sends a notification once search results are available following a background sync event:… and…”.

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Restricting Notification Permission Prompts in Firefox - Future Releases. ⁦@firefox⁩ now requires a user gesture for notification prompts to show.…

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Creating Online Environments That Work Well For Older Users:…. Great reminder.

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@logico_ar @ChromiumDev If you have an application in mind that could use any of the Project Fugu 🐡 APIs (…), do let us know. The best way to help the project succeed is using the APIs and providing feedback. Thanks in advance!

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