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November 17th, 2019

@ecbos_ If multiple custom elements depend on the same CSS, you end up doing duplicate work. With a module, you only do it once.

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@b1tr0t @firt @mathias No manifest icons, that’s still correct, but here’s asking @webkit to implement it. Apple icons technically are specified as <link>s, not <meta>s:

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@Paul_Kinlan @gregwhitworth @DasSurma @jaffathecake @kosamari @harleenkbatra 2013, yes. See
/me takes mental note to start a PR to add the missing past other CDSs.

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@othermaciej @nickshanks @LucasExqDit @googlechrome @firefox Never received a single notification prompt on iOS Safari, I’d say the restriction is pretty effective! 😜

Everyone else fixing their implementation is @webkit’s chance to get it right ev

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@ecbos_ Not sure what is meant by that either, but it’s definitely not an elegant way to import CSS for your custom element.
The performance win is around the lower parsing cost and reduced memory overhead compared to CSS in template strings.

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The Web Almanac’s Progressive Web App chapter is now complete, including all charts and diagrams (thanks@rick_viscomimi). Check it out in its full glory—and all the other chapters as I ❤️ the cute illustrations!

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