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November 10th, 2019

@helloguille These are my first ever in-ear noise canceling headphones, so I don’t know. Sorry… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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My number one use case of the new AirPods Pro may well be to just wear them with no music playing; just the world canceled out. The noise cancelation is freakin’ impressive.

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@reillyeon @aerotwist City smells was one of my favorite Yahoo! Research sponsored projects: They didn’t collect data for San Francisco, but they did for London.

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@CharlieCroom How’s your friend at cache invalidation and naming things?

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@coltborg @FirefoxFocus @webkit They don’t indeed. Looks like they still compile against the iOS 11 SDK for higher compatibility.

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@mischmerz We’re discussing, internally and externally, to come to the best possible outcome, and yet we don’t necessarily always all agree on the final decision, but we make sure all voices were heard and had a chance to speak up.

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@coltborg @FirefoxFocus Firefox Focus, like all iOS browsers, is using (by force) @WebKit as its rendering engine, most probably through a WKWebView or less likely through a UIWebView. If the app is compiled against the iOS 13 SDK, then the media query wi

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Not an expert, but some of Brave’s points against privacy budgets seem to be perfectly valid: I never considered the budgeting to be a fingerprint vector.

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@mischmerz Do make all the noise of the world on other channels, but please ideally steer the discussion to the public and open-to-all group.

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How to read a WebPageTest waterfall chart: This article has seen some updates since I have shared it. 🔖

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@mischmerz Yes, I’m following the discussion here: This is also where the discussion should stay… :-)

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@kipkniskern Sorry for that, it was a problem with the Unpkg CDN. Please try again now: 🌒

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@petele @jack, we need a disfavor feature.

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