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November 25th, 2019

@simevidas @digitarald I don’t know, but you can ‘git blame’ the line in question and ask why it was marked that way. Or open an Issue directly. Thanks!

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@simevidas @digitarald It’s said to be partially supported: Safari 9 has support for “pinned tab” SVG icons, but this requires an unofficial rel=”mask-icon” to be set and only works for all-black icons on Pinned Tabs.…
Indeed pinned

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DasSurma 🎉 You can now register for the WebAssembly Summit 2020! 🎉…

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w3reality We’ve made a webm/mp4 encoder inspired by “Running FFMPEG with WASM in a Web Worker”… One limitation is FFmpeg itself runs in its single thread mode so it’s not as fast as desktop command😂

source code:…

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I’ve yet to see a better explanation of the SVG `viewBox` 🔭 than the one at the end of @Wattenberger’s blog post linked in the quoted tweet. ⤵️
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@LeonDerczynski @mahemoff @itskrtk @zeithq Do you log out of native apps as well and reset your advertising identifier?

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Short-lived sessions are a frequent annoyance of web apps compared to native apps. Coincidentally just saw @mahemoff’s quoted tweet below right next to @itskrtk’s tweet…. Seems like some companies like @zeithq are finally…

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@mathias @TimvdLippe YACNMV

Your actual class names may vary.

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@Paul_Kinlan Now if only all these companies that you have created a * app for just had a decent web app that supported Web Share Target themselves… Looking at you@redditit@LinkedInin, an@newsycombinatoror.

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@__Sun__ @kushul_soomaree @cedpoilly @__fluxy__ @JKirstaetter For photographic images: re-colorize. See the article for some options:….

For diagrams or scalable vector graphics: invert smartly. Here’s what we did for @v8js’s…

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