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November 6th, 2019

@argyleink Also other logical props like `padding-block-start` for the win indeed.

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slightlylate Super excited about Googlebot support for Web Components, so wrote a tiny test to verify: Googlebot understands Shadow DOM!

What you see on the page, and in devtools, is what will get indexed, regardless of Shadow/Light content location thanks to tree flattening.…

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mathias @tomayac This is why @v8js does bytecode caching in that scenario:… Zero parse cost!

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@__jakub_g I have no particular knowledge of @webpack, you should probably discuss this with @TheLarkInn et al. Sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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slightlylate With apologies to @g33konaut, the documentation is opaque, so I made a tiny page to verify what we all hoped: Googlebot understands and indexes Shadow DOM!!!…

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This post by Instagram engineering is brilliant. “[With a high JavaScript cache hit rate] the parsing and execution performance of JavaScript on the CPU becomes the limiting factor rather than the network download time”.……

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Microsoft Edge is Coming to Linux:…. 🐧

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googlefonts Do you need typographic control across five stylistic axes?
Yes, yes you do. 💯
And now you can have it in ✨Recursive✨– nt for design & code that can go from Sans to Mono and gives the flexibility that you never knew you

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@GDGBremen @neuland Thanks again for listening. I’ve left a comment with pointers to the resources from the talk on Meetup:….

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