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November 4th, 2019

VisualStudio Announcing Visual Studio Online! Check out the newest member of the family bringing cloud-powered development environments: for your daily work, a side project, or reviewing a PR – from anywhere. 🌴⛰

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So the release date for Edge Stable is January 15th according to the blog post linked in the quoted tweet.…

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stshank From goals: “Authentication: WebAuthN external authenticators (NFC/USB) on iOS” (in other words, support for hardware security keys like @Yubico Yubikey or Google Titan)…

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@digitarald @andreasbovens Oh, this looks like it. Thanks for the pointer, I’ll have a closer look tomorrow.

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GDGBremen @Google Developer Advocate @tomayac is going to visit us tomorrow here in to give us some insights to the background and user research of in Web and to talk about the best practises.

Come join us at @neuland!…

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@andreasbovens Help wanted regarding a Web Extensions CSP issue with Firefox. I’m out of my comfort zone and could use some help:….
Trying to allow a contentscript-injected script to run on Twitter via `content_security_policy`:…

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The new GitHub review sugestions are a life changer, both for code authors and code reviewers.

The new @github review suggestions are a life changer, both for code authors and code reviewers.
“`… (bullet 6)

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Going through the recent @webkit Contributors Meetup material:…. Of particular interest:
👉 Goals for 2020:…
👉 An Embedder’s (i.e., Chrome for iOS’) Perspective:…
👉 Privacy…

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Had a quick look at the new “browser” UC Browser that’s available on KaiOS (context:…). It’s just a skin on top of Firefox 48, no new engine. All that’s new is a curated by region News section. Regions include 🇮🇩, 🇵🇰,

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@slightlylate @yoavweiss @jyasskin For iOS, there’s a difference between `identifierForVendor` (…, same value for all of a vendor’s apps; allows that vendor to track users across apps) and `advertisingIdentifier` (…

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@jyasskin Facebook and Apple News are dwarfed in this threat model by super app platforms like WeChat:….

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@HenrikJoreteg @slightlylate @ChrisFerdinandi @GeorgeZeGreek For context: The bug has been merged into the umbrella bug (Native Sockets). The original report was

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@TimvdLippe @slightlylate Key might be the clause “abuse of a dominant market position” (…). While important, iOS is by far outnumbered by Android in the EU markets. And on Android, we do have a browser choice prompt (…

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