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November 29th, 2019

@nhoizey @eleven_ty Hehehe, yeah, those were great days… This is a true story, they just turned back the server time.

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@nhoizey @eleven_ty J’ai quelques posts en français d’une 2005/2006 vérsion de moi même 🙈 (la honte):
Mais “à l’occasion” c’est bien l’idée de mon blog.

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I’m also pretty pleased with the @____lighthouse scores (📱…, 💻…). My self-hosted images (automatic WebP), the HTML, the CSS, and the JS get massaged 💆‍♂️ by mod_pagespeed (…

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@mathias @eleven_ty Thanks. 😊 I went quite through some iterations until I settled on this. Reduced to the max.

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@eleven_ty Things are still a bit rough around the edges, so if you spot a problem, please file an issue… or send a pull request—each page has an “edit this page on GitHub” link.
🙏 Big thanks to y’all on whose shoulders I coul

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🎉 New blog post: The redesigned Blogccasion is live:


I’ve completely overhauled the design 🎨 and tech stack 👨‍💻of my blog Blogccasion—It’s now based on@eleven_tyy, uses modern CSS Grid layout, and leverages `p

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FlowBrowser @ppk Hi! It’s a new layout engine and new rendering engine. Everything other than the JavaScript engine (SpiderMonkey) is written from scratch.

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