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November 7th, 2019

mathias 💡 Fun fact: this works with `class` as well since V8 desugars class declarations of the form `class C { … }` to `let C = class C { … }` under the……bL4P

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JohnMu Making a site work with dark-mode is surprisingly easy, it can be just a bit of CSS that uses media-queries to switch color schemes. No need to be a black hat to join the dark side!………

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@slightlylate Wow, we should hand them out after each site clinic at our events.

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digitarald Firefox’s “JavaScript Startup Bytecode Cache” helps sites that optimize cache hit rates and are often loaded by users (since 58).

After 4 page loads the generated bytecode will be cached and future loads skip parsing.

Read more how it works:……

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@pylapp @olivierleplus Off-by-one error in your emoji ;-)

It’s officially the 🐡 blowfish emoji as rendered by Android.…

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