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November 28th, 2019

RT @HenriHelvetica: Great lightning talk during #ChromeDevSummit from @tomayac on dark mode. Been looking for more explainers. Glad you’re…

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igrigorik Nice thanksgiving present.. Support for Server Timing is now available in Firefox Nightly DevTools!

What’s Server Timing? @smashingmag has a nice nice intro tutorial:

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RT @FlowBrowser: Flow is a new clean-room multithreaded browser. Today it reached a new milestone: Rendering full Google Mail.…

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This is a good thread on first- vs. third-party cookies and recent blocking circumventions:

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@kennethrohde @slightlylate Just recalled that they’re a Google company now: Might be helpful in the causa Project Fugu 🐡 given all their sensors APIs.

(CC: @fractorious.)

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@derSchepp @ChromiumDev @ChromeDevTools I *think* we don’t do this on purpose, but @slightlylate is better suited to address this proposal.
For combining tokens: you can combine them in one HTTP header separated by comma:

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@derSchepp @ChromiumDev @ChromeDevTools In @ChromeDevTools you can check for the presence of OTs via `$$(‘meta[http-equiv=”origin-trial”]’)`, but you can’t see which OT the tag is for. You can, however, feature-detect all current OT APIs (

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