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November 9th, 2019

@kipkniskern @MasterDevwi @MSFTEdgeDev @Media @_scottlow @gregwhitworth It’s definitely supported on the new Chromium-based Edge:

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Getting Started with Web Serial: A new codelab for the BBC micro:bit that teaches you about yet another Project Fugu 🐡 API: Web Serial.

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It’s great to work on a project that many people are excited about… 😆

@philnash on Project Fugu 🐡 in quoted tweet: ⤵️

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@petele 🤦

I challenge you to build something

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RT @noopkat: @slightlylate @ffconf It has viewport issues that I need to fix don’t judge me but it didn’t work on Android anyway 🙈 press st…

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This #AskChrome question in the quoted tweet by @chriscoyier made me re-read @philwalton’s excellent(!) article on obtaining Container Query like behavior with Resize Observer: 💏

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