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November 23rd, 2019

pomber Had to build a new blog and some tools to be able to publish this post with the format I wanted. It took some time but it’s finally ready!

📢 the updated DIY guide to build React from scratch…

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mathias 🚀 For large JSON-compatible objects, JSON.parse is faster than JS object literals.

➡️ True for all browser JavaScript engines!
➡️ Speed-ups from 1.2× to 2×

🎥 My lightning talk explains why:…

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This article by @danburzo on media quer units is brilliant: ⤵️…

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TensorFlow Introducing Handtrack.js: a library that allows developers to track users’ hands on browser that only takes 3 lines of code! Learn more in this guest post by @vykthur.

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DasSurma The main thread is overworked (and underpaid)!


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@JohnMu Yeah, it’s on me. We’ve just migrated off DevSite, now it should be a lot easier to implement. It’s just a matter of time.

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🌒 Dark mode aficionados, my lightning talk on dark mode has been published on YouTube: 📺
It’s essentially the TL;DR of…. 📚

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